AvantéFeatured on Cover of Mansfield Living Magazine

In the November 2013 issue of Living (Arlington/Mansfield Edition), our founders were featured in a cover story.  Here is the text of what was published.  We have also attached a copy of it here

Step into Avanté Salon and Spa in Mansfield and it’s immediately apparent that this salon is a labor of love. Beautifully appointed, inviting and relaxing, Avanté offers a vacation from the day-to-day demands of a busy life. And that’s exactly the point. Founded by husband and wife team Danny and Jacqueline Hughes, Avanté is the realization of a dream to provide their community with an elegant and accessible world-class salon and day spa. Living Magazine recently sat down with Danny and Jacqueline to learn more about the power couple behind this special place.

LIVING MAGAZINE (LM): You have built a very successful company in an extremely competitive industry. What’s the key to your success?

DANNY: Our vision for Avanté is to provide outstanding service in an atmosphere where the pressures and challenges of everyday life melt away in a tranquil environment. We also wanted to build a business that provides our employees with superior levels of education and benefits. Combining our passion for the industry with our commitment to our team and community has provided a strong foundation and allowed our business to flourish. With Avanté Salon and Spa, we had a dream that we could build a place where people could come and have a “complete experience.” Our goal was to offer our guests a wonderful “stay-cation,” right in here in Mansfield.

JACQUELINE: With my passion as a hairstylist, I also had a dream to build a team of stylists that could outshine any salon in the Metroplex. We did just that and opened our second location to offer state-of-the-art hair design and a separate upscale California style D. It’s the perfect romantic getaway! One of our couple’s rooms is complete with a mood-lighting Aromatherapy Steam Shower and Steam Room. We even installed a butler system so couples can just buzz the front desk when they needs drinks or are ready to check out. With romantic music and special lighting, couples can truly relax and enjoy massages, chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling beverages away from the hustle and bustle of the world without the luggage and expense of a vacation.

LM: You two have obviously found a way to make your relationship work, both at home and at the salon. What’s your secret?

JACQUELINE: We met in 1992 when Danny came in to my salon in North Dallas to get his hair cut. We have been married 14 years and have two beautiful daughters who are our pride and joy. We love to work, play and get away to other spas together. We also cook together each night and believe sitting down at the table is one of the most important things we do as a family. Danny and I are pretty much inseparable and we love running the business together. We spend over 100 hours per year in continuing education together and believe it or not, we’ve never even had a disagreement. It took us both a few tries, but we are true soul mates and still get goose bumps when the other walks in the door.

LM: You’re very involved in the community and your team seems like a family. What are some of the ways you are giving back?

DANNY: We care deeply about our community. Each year we have several fundraisers, including a Cut-AThon. Through out the year, we invite our guests to submit stories about loved ones who have breast cancer and are in need. Our charity board chooses one person to support each year. We feel we can keep it more personal this way. We also work with Toys for Tots, giving new bikes each year. Last year we gave 80 bikes! Every year, we choose a few families and sponsor them in various ways; for instance, this year we anonymously supported a little girl that wanted to do competitive cheer yet did not have the funds. Closer to home, we spend thousands of dollars each year helping members of our staff get through tough times. This year we’ve been helping with babies and weddings. It’s a blessing for us to be able to help those closest to us. In 2007 we suffered the biggest loss of our lives when our 17-year-old died in a tragic accident. The love and support of our team and our families is what got us though those dreadful days. Our daughter left us with a beautiful granddaughter named Madilyn. When we opened our second location we decided to build a unique boutique in her name. Madilyn’s is part of Avanté Salon and Spa at the 360/Broad location. We are strong Christians and everything we do, we do for the Lord. We stay closed on Sundays, so our team can go to church and be with their families. We believe we are successful for two reasons. The first is because God has blessed us, and the second is because of our passion for people and our industry. Pamper yourself. Plan your own Avanté Salon and Spa experience today. Escape and enjoy!

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