ValEntine’s day Spa Packages

Valentine’s Day Spa Packages

Sweetheart Package

The perfect package for deep relaxation!

Treat yourself to a 50 Minute Swedish Massage. Complete your experience with a Spa Pedicure ~ 151. 

 * Sweetheart Couples Package ~ 302.

P.S. I Love You

Savor a relaxing 80 Minute Hot Stone Massage to soothe your tired muscles. 

Next enjoy a customized Avante Facial leaving your skin happy and healthy ~ 231.

* P.S. I Love You Couples Package ~ 462.

Forever Young

To start your full body rejuvenation, enjoy a Hydro-Lifting Facial to restore a healthy tone and luminous glow to your skin. Continue with a Customized Body Scrub to exfoliate and renew your body. Next enjoy a 50 Minute Swedish Massage to soothe your tired muscles ~ 299.

 * Forever Young Couples Package ~ 598.

Because You’re Worth It

A fluffy robe and an environment of relaxation is the beginning of this ultimate escape.

Delight in a 50 Minute CBD Massage to soothe your sore and tired muscles. Look and feel refreshed with a CBD Jelly Mask Facial. Complete your full body wellness experience with a CBD Spa Pedicure ~ 329.

*Because you’re Worth It Couples Package ~ 658.