Hey there, I'm Julie!

My passion to help people began very early in life. I was raised in a very holistic lifestyle and have two Aunts that inspired me at an early age to pursue a career in massage therapy. I’ve been in the business for 25 years now, and what I have learned is that although you may think you have seen and heard it all at this stage of the game, someone always surprises me. I have experienced the whole gamete of this career working in gyms, spas, medical, and guests who has never had the pleasure to experience a massage many times over. What I believe to be the secret to my success is listening not only to what my Guest says, but what their body says as well and I respond in kind with great results. I am currently going to school at Tarleton State University for a degree in psychology, so don’t mind me if I pick your brain as I massage your back and getting to know you as my guest. My goals for the guests who come for services is to receive the whole experience of a luxury spa at its best. I will do my utmost to make sure you feel you have escaped reality.